Ruay-Shiung Chang, Ph.D.

President, National Taipei University of Business Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

Ruay-Shiung Chang, Ph.D.

President, National Taipei University of Business Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China


Dr. Chang received his B.S. degree from the Department of Electric Engineering, National Taiwan University in 1980. After 2 years’ military service, he joined the China Steel Corporation in 1982. In CSC, Dr. Chang was responsible for the management and maintenance of process control computer system of the hot strip mill. After one year of service, he went to the Institute of Computer Science in National Tsing Hua University for advanced studies, where he received his Ph.D. degree in 1988. From 1988 to 1992, Dr. Chang worked for the Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST), the major research body of the Ministry of Defense, Taiwan, as a research scientist. In his four years’ tenure at the CSIST, he developed the prototype for the C3I (Command, Control, Communication, and Intelligence) system of Taiwan’s joint armed forces. The advanced version of this system is still in operation now.

After leaving CSIST, Dr. Chang joined the Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) as an associate professor. In NTUST, Dr. Chang research focused on the design and development of network management system and on the Internet. At that time, the Internet was on the infant stage. But Dr. Chang saw its potential and wrote three articles to introduce the Internet status in Taiwan, China, and Japan, which were published in IEEE Internet Computing Magazine 1997.

Dr. Chang also served actively for many volunteer jobs in the academic field. He organized the 14th Workshop for Discrete Math and Computing Theory, held in NTUST. He also served as the program committee many times for the National Computer Symposium and the International Computer Symposium, the two most important annual conferences in Taiwan for the computing field. He published his first review article for ACM Computing Reviews in 1994. Since then, he has published more than 100 review articles in ACM Computing Reviews.

In 1998, Dr. Chang joined the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) and served as the chairperson. In his three years’ tenure, he strengthened the research activities of the department, enriched the faculty lineup, and successfully established the Ph.D. program of the department.

Due to his excellent performance in the department chair, Dr. Chang was promoted and appointed as the Dean of Academic Affairs (Provost) of NDHU in February 2002. In this position, he successfully promoted the academic standards of the university. With a fine and detailed proposal, Dr. Chang also helped to acquire the Teaching Excellence Project for NDHU from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. Out of a total of 76 Higher Education Universities, only 13 were granted this project. With this distinguished service, Dr. Chang was appointed as the Vice President of the University in February 2006.

Because of his excellent academic credentials and contributions, Dr. Chang was selected as the President of Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College in August 2012, a 4-year higher education institute specialized in Hospitality and Tourism. During his tenure, Dr. Chang promoted the reputation and quality of THTC profoundly.

Due to his excellent performance in THTC, Dr. Chang is selected as the new President of National Taipei University of Business from April 2014 by a 15 member searching committee.

Besides academic career, Dr. Chang is also very active in serving the academics in particular and other fields in general. He is a founding and permanent member of the Institute of Information and Computing Machinery of Taiwan, a senior member of IEEE, and a professional member of ACM. From 2004 to 2007, he served on the advisory council of the Public Interest Registry (www.pir.org). From 2005, he serves as the vice chair of ACM Taipei Chapter. He is also on the IASTED technical committee on the web, the Internet, and multimedia and IASTED technical committee on Telecommunications. Furthermore, Dr. Chang serves on the technical program committee for many international conferences, including International Communication Conference, International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, Grid and Pervasive Computing Conference, International Conference on Pervasive Computing, and so on.

Dr. Chang supervises more than 50 master students and 10 Ph.D. students to graduation. He also publishes actively in many international journals and conferences. For his contribution, Dr. Chang received the Outstanding Information Technology Elite Award from the Taiwan’s Information Month Committee in 2009.

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